About Us

Overview : Touch stone Chemicals LLC is a registered entity under the laws of United States of America and governed by the laws and rules applicable to it.

TSC is a start- up formed by the promoters with 20 years of Business experience in handling clients across the Globe.

We are expert in sourcing and co-ordinating with our buyers and sellers to create value for their non-moving, odd lot materials or out of spec materials in Chemicals, API and Solvents etc.

The purpose is to avoid landfill activity and recycle the material to the best use for the similar or other industry use with purification or processing to rebuild the specification to its original form for reuse. The target industries are Pharmaceutical (API Manufacturing), chemical Industry, Paint, Coating and allied industries.

Board of Directors

Mr Kaushik Mehta, A young professional entrepreneur having 20 years of experience in similar field.

Global Connect

USA & Canada | Europe | South America | Asian Countries | African Countries | Middle East

Our Values

We believe in undertaking all Business with utmost


Our commitment to care includes, care for our Customers, Suppliers, Our Employees, Our Community and environment

Ethics : We believe in maintaining highest Business Ethics while doing business.

Integrity & Excellence

We strive to practice Integrity and Excellency in all our operations. We carry out all of our activities in a professional manner and with the greatest respect for the rules of ethics. Our principles and values are at the very heart of all our interactions and are more important to us than the profits generated by the potential conclusion of a sale.

CSR – (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Our Corporate social responsibility refers to our responsibility towards our environment. TSCs existence is not lonely. It is a part of a bigger system of people, our values, other Organizations and nature. We believe in offering second life to the products we deal in and at the same time to have positive and concrete impact to preserve the environment, thus integrating social and environment solutions to business operations.

Products / Services


What kinds of chemicals do we handle?
We buy chemicals in powder, semi-liquid or liquid form. We can handle bags, drums, Tanks & bulk packaging.

What information do we need from you?
We require a product’s generic and/or trademark name, the quantity available for sale as well the manufacturer’sname. The more data and documents you can provide us (including, for example, certificates of analysis), the faster we can present you with an offer. Please include any pictures of the product that you might have, as it will help our team evaluate the condition of the packaging.

How long will it take before you receive an offer?
For products or commodity chemicals with multiple potential users, you will receive an offer from us within a few days.

For products with more limited applications or potential buyers, we might need up to a few weeks before we can send you an offer. We are, however, committed to responding to every offer we receive and will follow up with you quickly

Can we handle hazardous chemicals?
Our team is fully trained to handle hazardous chemicals. Touch stone chemicals LLC complies with all applicable domestic and international safety and transportation regulations and procedures

Parameters to be considered while sending enquiries to us:

Generic name of the product/material required
Quantity of the material
Specification or COA of the material required
Brand name of the product, if any
Name of manufacturer of the material, if any
Status of the material
Documents required along with material, if any

Pricing & Indenting Policy

Parameters to be considered while offering products to us:

Quantity of the material
Specification or COA of the material
Generic name of the product
Brand name of the product, if any
Name of manufacturer of the material
Status of the material
Expected price in USD per lot

Questions you may have

Is there a minimum purchase value?

Yes, our team must be able to cover freight, analysis and other related expenses and keep our offer to the final consignee significantly lower than market value. To justify a product’s resale, it must be worth the effort. As a general guideline, each Surplus product we move usually has a minimal value of 10 000 $.

What buying price can you expect?

We base our purchase offer on a product’s quantity, age, available documentation and physical location. On average, you can expect a typical offer to range between 10–50% of a product’s current market value.

Warehousing / Logistics

Chemicals Storage & Handling

Oils & Solvent Storage & Handling

API’S & Pharmaceuticals


Generate income
Eliminate disposal costs
Free-up warehousing space
Minimize waste going to a chemical land-fill site
Encouraging eco-friendly business activities



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